Hot Weather In Victoria and Sooke – Today’s Forecast [Video]

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FSBO Ad Is Racist? Or Just A Big Misunderstanding? [VIDEO]

A little levity for your Thursday. Below is a video from Australia (if you’re reading this via e-mail subscription you’ll have to click through to the post). You couldn’t have written this better for a sitcom. Just goes to show that life is stranger than fiction! Thanks to Matt Collinge, Vancouver REALTOR® for the link.Continue reading “FSBO Ad Is Racist? Or Just A Big Misunderstanding? [VIDEO]”

The 25 Random Things Meme

If you’re on Facebook, you’ve seen this one floating around the intertubes for a couple of weeks. I was actually beginning to think (worry?) it’d pass over me without getting tagged, but now I’ve been tagged thrice at least 5 times. 1. I was born in Vancouver General Hospital, and lived a pretty sheltered existenceContinue reading “The 25 Random Things Meme”

Friday Morning Link Fest – Christmas, Etc. Edition

That’s right, folks, it’s a link fest. I don’t think I’ve ever actually done one, and I’m not sure why. I read lots of stuff online and I really should share more with you. HMCS Rudolph: The 21st annual navy lighting contest gets underway tonight at CFB Esquimalt. Protecteur, Winnipeg and Algonquin will be partContinue reading “Friday Morning Link Fest – Christmas, Etc. Edition”

Just Saying Hi On My Way To Westshore MLS Tour [VIDEO]

It’s been a while since I was on video! I went to the West Shore MLS tour in Colwood and Langford today and just thought I’d say hi to you through the video. I had one of my listings on the tour this week and got to see 10 other really nice places in LangfordContinue reading “Just Saying Hi On My Way To Westshore MLS Tour [VIDEO]”

Driftwood Santas and Other Unique Christmas Crafts

And now, for something completely non-real estate related: It’s nearly that time of year again! I am lucky enough to be engaged to a very beautiful and talented woman who loves to draw, paint and craft. She makes these lovely little Santa Claus ornaments out of driftwood and has been selling them at local craftContinue reading “Driftwood Santas and Other Unique Christmas Crafts”

Sooke Halloween Ideas: Hallowindow [Video]

H/T to Jason van der Valk at Edgeflow Media for the link. This was too cool not to post. Mark Gervais has created a haunting multimedia animation designed to be projected on your windows on Halloween night. Combine it with a couple of speakers and you’ve got a display that will make you the envyContinue reading “Sooke Halloween Ideas: Hallowindow [Video]”

5 Things Meme

Since Raul was so “upset” (wink-wink nudge-nudge) that I didn’t mention him in yesterday’s W-5 post, I thought I’d steal a meme I came across on his blog (see, I DO read you). For the uninitiated, a meme is like the blog equivalent of a chain letter, except it just asks simple questions, and notContinue reading “5 Things Meme”

A Day Trip To Port Renfrew

Last Saturday, we took a day trip with another couple up to Port Renfrew. About a 45 minute drive from Sooke, Port Renfrew is a beautiful little spot, and is basically the “last stop” on the highway along this part of the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Well known for halibut and salmon fishing, asContinue reading “A Day Trip To Port Renfrew”

Is The Election Campaign All About Branding and Buzzwords? [Video]

As a REALTOR®, I’m always taking notice of how other businesses market and brand themselves. I get inspiration for ideas from other people and businesses all the time. One thing I’ve noticed is that politicians in our current Federal election campaign have been all about branding and marketing their campaigns, rather than telling us whatContinue reading “Is The Election Campaign All About Branding and Buzzwords? [Video]”