Foreclosure In BC – Part 2 – At Court

    So, the lender accepted the offer – now what? In part one, I outlined how offering on a foreclosure is different than offering on a regular listing. Now, the lender has accepted your offer and will apply to court to have the sale approved. Again, the court’s role in all this is toContinue reading “Foreclosure In BC – Part 2 – At Court”

Foreclosure in BC: What You Need To Know – Part I

The F-word in real estate. Everyone is curious when they see “Court Ordered Sale” or “Foreclosure” in a listing they find while browsing homes. In this new series, I will take you through the foreclosure sale process in British Columbia, and hope to demystify it and to dispel some of the common myths about foreclosure.Continue reading “Foreclosure in BC: What You Need To Know – Part I”